Kí Group is an organization driven by innovation, performance and quality. Our passion for originality and exclusiveness fuels our mission of building a vapor delivery system with unmatched capabilities, versatility and mass appeal. The Kí platform is creating a new class of expectations — while establishing the future of vapor experiences worldwide.

The Kí brand is about freedom; the freedom to explore, experience and enhance. At Kí Group, we’re building a strategic and purposeful collaborative brand ecosystem throughout the global market place that spans three product categories.

Our goal is to partner with established and trusted brands within the Nicotine, CBD and THC product categories. Under these partnerships, we will collaborate on and introduce carefully selected co-branded Kí pre-filled pods in conjunction with our co-brand partners in each respective product categories.

At scale, our co-branded approach will offer Kí users a wide range of carefully selected high quality liquids; delivering options and choices that meet the needs of a broad and diverse consumer base around the world, available through a large network of sales channels.

Additionally, and in select markets, Kí will introduce Kí Branded pre-filled pods with an offering of premium Nicotine, CBD and THC liquids.

Unlock your potential with Kí.